Saturday, February 4, 2012

My daddy

After almost a full month of being down here, my dad happened to have a business trip in Tampa. He decided to drive down to Orlando. He picked the Caribbean Beach Club Resort for our hotel, and my wonderful 50% off cast member discount made each night cheaper than a normal price day at the value resorts.

The resort is huge, to say the least, and the rooms were Finding Nemo themed.

It was so dang cute! And the TV case was my favorite piece in the room. I want one for my future home.
I'll just show it to you.
I love, love, love, love, love the color. love. The open cubby parts at the top, not so much, but other than that I wanted to dismantle it and put it in my backpack for later.

Wow. Tangent. So sorry

We spent the day at Animal Kingdom and had a great time checking out all the animal habitats and riding the two attractions available there.
My apartment mate, Kiara is a Kilimanjaro Safari driver, so I requested to ride on her safari. She did an amazing job! Here's an adorable picture of her in her cute little safari outfit.

We hit almost the entire park in one day. We missed the birds show and something else I can't remember now. We saw both the Finding Nemo and Festival of the Lion King shows. We saw all of Africa, Rafiki's Planet Watch and all of Asia. We were handed fast passes to Expedition Everest and walked right on the ride. We went another time and waited probably 40 minutes. To top our day off, we met a few celebrities.

Dad's on an airplane on his way home now. I miss him already. And then I go open up my backpack of things he brought for me and find a bag filled with chocolates that my mom sent me!


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