Sunday, February 19, 2012

{Love, love love}

I know I just recently did a post on how much I love my job. Sorry that this one is a more specific version of that post.

Two days ago, I was friends with Mickey at Animal Kingdom. This little 7 year old approaches me with a red notebook, and a nervous look on her face. she hands me the book, and I motion for a pen so I can sign it for her.  This is when her dad pipes up and says "the book is for you, Mickey. She's been working on it for 2 months".  So I clap my hands and motion for her to open the book up for us to look at.  She slowly opens the book and we flip through a few pages. I would have sat down and read each and every page, but due to limited interaction (she was incredibly star struck) and an extremely long line, I only took a few minutes to look at it with her.

I huged the life out of her, and sent her and her dad on their way. My attendant took the notebook and I finished off my set.  After the set ended, and I was backstage, my attendant and I took a few minutes to look at it in depth. She wrote the cutest sentences! Not to mention her adorable spelling errors.

Here's a sample of the notebook:
"Disney is a dremeing plas. Disney is a genyis, you know that rit Mickey. Oh by the way merry christmis. Disney is where my dreams com chro (true). Youre my BFF you know that rit."

So as I'm oohing and aahing over the notebook while I eat my lunch, I realize her mom had written her daughter's name and address on the first page.  Genius mom!!

Me being me, I decided to write Izabella a letter from Mickey Mouse, thanking her for her notebook present.
It's going in the mail tomorrow. I wrote it using Mickey's personal handwriting, and used my Mickey Mouse stationary.

I hope this is the Magic Moment to end all Magic Moments for this little girl.  She was so sweet, and I hope this keeps Mickey and all his magic alive for her for years to come.


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  1. That is so sweet of you to write her back!! I am sure you will totally make her day!! =]