Monday, February 27, 2012

Grocery Bingo!

So Disney College Program has all these exciting activities for us to go to, but I've always been working when they are scheduled.  I was thrilled this morning when my roommate, Kiara, mentioned she was going to Grocery Bingo tonight.  Monday and Tuesday are usually my days off, so we decided we would go.  I got there a full hour early for a good seat, and Kiara joined me a half hour later.  We got the third and fourth seats available. Heck yes.

So what is Grocery Bingo, you may ask?  It's Bingo, just instead of money or bragging rights, you win groceries!

So we start playing right at 6, and a few minutes into it, two girls scream out bingo!  The bingo caller tells us to NOT clear our boards, and the two girls' boards are checked out and okayed.  Then, the very next number they called gives ME a bingo!  So I shout BINGO as loud as my slightly sore throat would let me, and fought my way up to the desk people.  They approved my board, and the bingo caller had a quick interview with me. She asked me my name, my school, and my job. A guy recorded the entire 'interview' and then I was escorted to the back of the room, where I was handed this ridiculously amazing load of spoils.
I was under the impression that the winners got a moderately sized bag of groceries, not 3!  Here's closer views of my spoils, minus a 4 roll pack of toilet paper that has already been put to good use.

The ironic part? I went to Walmart this morning with Leslie and her mom.  But you know what? I'll take the free groceries.  I'll enjoy every bit of them. And hopefully, they will last me another month or two.  Hurray!!!


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