Wednesday, January 18, 2012

T -I -double guh- rrrrr

Today I went to EPCOT to see Tigger

Tigger was in a very bouncy mood today.  He couldn't stand still. It made me smile, and all the little girls just loved him.  Pooh Bear was also very good today, but slightly more timid than I would have anticipated.

Anyway, once Tigger said goodbye to the family in front of me, I got the biggest hug from him. He was bouncing and it made me laugh. Luckily, the grouchy photopass photographer took a ton of pictures to capture the following Magical Moment

The surprise on my face is so funny!  Tigger totally sandwiched me! 
Then Tigger points to himself, makes a heart with his hands, and points to me.

Tigger's such a flirt.

I sort of love it. :D

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