Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Picture Dump!

 At the airport
 Just before I left to go through security
 Standing in line at 7:30 am Florida time, meaning 5:30 Utah time.
 The check in line in front of us. 7:30 seemed a great time to show up. There were lots of parents in front of us. That meant there weren't really THAT many people checking in ahead of us.
Taken just after receiving my let down of a job sticker. Leslie's said, for example, Quick Service Food & Beverage- Captain Cook's. Disney Food & Beverage.
Mine said: Character performer. 
That's all. 
 Scale model of the Castle. Absolutely stunning in person. It's inside the casting building.
 Recognize this from Alice in Wonderland?! These two doorknobs are the only two in existence.

 Lego Malificent. I kid you not. Completely out of Legos. Absolutely amazing
 Lego Snow White and Dopey
 Lego Buzz and Woody strapped to a rocket. Pictures don't do it justice.

I don't get all excited over Legos, but today I was just amazed at what people can do when they put their mind to is. That Woody even has ANDY in black Lego pieces under his boot. The picture didn't turn out well, but it's totally there. Special thanks to the Disney employee inside who told us to take a look, which resulted in my laying on the floor to take the picture.

Super slow internet today. I'll add more pictures later!  Bed time!


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