Monday, January 16, 2012


You may recognize this duo as Goofy and his son, Max.

Anyway, today I was friends with Max. He's got some awesome 'swagger' going on, that's for sure. He likes to rock out to air guitar whenever he's got time to spare, and he's always got some sort of music playing in his head. He's super embarrassed about his hair and short height compared to his dad.  Overall, Max is pretty dang awesome.

Today, He was greeting guests along with a few other characters. It was his last day of training, so that means he'll be on his own from now on (scary!) It was the last set of the day, and Auriel, his trainer, told him he had to go finish his homework.

So Max goes skipping off to do it, and he decided to wave to a group of people. He looks back over his shoulder, waves energetically, and the runs right into a tree.  Smacks into it, stumbles, slips in his big bulky shoes, and face plants it onto the cement.

The whole group sees this happen, so Max flipped over to his back right away so no little kids worry he's hurt.  Auriel then rushed to his side and tells him he's starting to act just like his dad.  Now, Max loves his dad, but doesn't want to end up like him, so he sits up immediately, and starts shaking his head no. Auriel helps him up, and it's obvious Max is really embarrassed. He's hiding behind his ears, and laughing at his clumsiness.

What a day! Tomorrow is my first day off, and I will be spending it in the Magic Kingdom.

Loves to you all,

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