Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fun With Leslie

On Tuesday, Leslie and I indulged in our 40% cast member discount on certain restaurants. We picked The Whispering Canyon Cafe, at the Wilderness Lodge. It was an open cafe style room on the main floor of the hotel. It was pretty, and beautifully decorated. Our waitress was loud and funny, and totally fit the western style.
We promised each other months ago that we would go out to eat every other week. Really enjoy the perks of our jobs. So now we've picked Italian at EPCOT for our next dining adventure, but back on track...

I ordered the most devine barbecue pulled pork sandwich with fried and baked beans. I meant to take pictures of it, but once the guy set it down, I completely forgot and inhaled the whole thing. Here's a pic of my plate though.
Leslie ordered barbecue pulled pork spring rolls. Again, we didn't get any pictures of the food. Here's her plate
Then we splurged on the most tasty sugar cookie crusted apple pie. So. Good.

After lunch, Leslie had work, so I spent the rest of my day at Magic Kingdom hanging out with my performer friends Naomi and Connor.

Such a good day!!!

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