Saturday, December 3, 2011

New Glasses!

After years and years of plain, simple frames, I have finally traded up in the glasses world.

When the thick frame style started, I was a little skeptical. They eventually grew on me, but year after year I decided to keep getting contacts and stick with the thin metal frames. (our insurance let you get one or the other)

At the beginning of the year I decided I did want new glasses, and it took me 11 months to follow through.

Introducing......  My new Prada frames!

I love them so!
Though my ears really hurt after wearing them for a few hours.  My lenses are very, very thick, which makes them very, very heavy.  I had to have the part that goes over the ears tightened quite a bit so they will stay on.  That pressure really hurts my ears.  Not to mention the sides are 100 times bigger than my original glasses so they push out my ears more.

The one thing that really makes me sad is my lenses stick out in the front of the frames because they are so thick.
I guess I'm the only one who really notices, but come on, isn't it obvious?

Overall, I love my new frames!  I actually take my contacts out during the day time now!



  1. Your glasses suit you. I have quite thick glasses too. What's your prescription?

  2. I would assume all the studying you had to do to become what you are today took a toll on your eyesight. But look at it this way now that you have a good job making good money you can afford to go and get lasik so you can see without glasses and contacts again if you want. Otherwise don't worry about your poor eyesight because you look amazing with and without your glasses. Many men , including me, find a girl wearing glasses as being extremely sexy.