Friday, December 16, 2011

It Went Well

The angio went well. I had some serious nausea that lead to a few vomiting episodes. I actually hurled in front of my super attractive radiologist/ surgeon. So embarrassing. Apparently Zofran doesn't help me when it comes to nausea. My nurse eventually tried Phenergan on me and the nausea magically disappeared.
That was the biggest problem during my stay. If you can't keep food down, they won't let you leave the hospital. I was desperate to leave as soon as humanly possible, so conquering the nausea was the most important obstacle.
I had a sore throat beforehand, so when I woke up from the general anestesia my throat felt like sandpaper. The anesthesiologist promised he'd be gentle with the intubation tube, but he wasn't very successful. My throat is definitely my number one complaint. It hurts. It hurrrts!
Lastly, I seem to have acquired a new lump in the back of my skull. It's likely the glue the dr. Embolized the blood vessel with. It's annoying, not really painful.
I was discharged with Tylenol as my pain med, which means a lot in the scheme of things. Kathy, my favorite nurse practitioner, calls me her star patient.
I'm grateful it went well. The whole thing got embolized, so now it looks like I'll be having an angio every few years now to check on it.

Now... On to having my wisdom teeth removed. Yippee.

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