Friday, December 30, 2011

Disney Trivia Anyone?

I got this super cool idea from a fellow Disney College Program blogger.
I'll type my question in blue, and type the answer in white underneath. Just highlight the middle line and voila! Answers appear!

Here's some Disney trivia for you!!

From Disney's Treasure Planet, what does B.E.N stand for?
Bio Electronic Navigator
As the most powerful sorcerer in the world, Jafar turns himself into what to fight Aladdin?
A Cobra
By when must the Beast be loved in order to return to a prince?
His 21st birthday
Which appendage of Woody's becomes unstitched in Toy Story 2?
Right Arm
How many unbirthdays does each person have a year?
How much did Tangled cost to produce?
$260 million
Who puts the glad in gladiator?
In which park can you find a Pinocchio doll in the It's a Small World ride?
Tokyo Disneyland
When does Rapunzel's day typically start?
7 am
In Bambi, what do the animals call being in love?
How many days until Leslie and I check in to the Walt Disney World College Program?
Exactly 10!

I'm so excited to start this adventure with Leslie Loo!  I just need to write my nursing essays and finish packing.  I'm trying to eliminate stuff off my packing list, but it's all pretty important, that's how it ended up on my list in the first place after all.

Hope you enjoyed the Disney trivia!

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