Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Did It!

Last Tuesday, I successfully accomplished a New Year's Resolution for the first time in my life. 

Yes. That's right. First time ever.
50 temple visits in less than 50 weeks. 

I am so grateful I made this resolution this year.  The temple was a place where I could escape from school, work, living at home.  I shared many trips with a wonderful friend, and we'd always grab breakfast somewhere afterwards. I went to temples I wouldn't have gone to normally, namely Los Vegas, Salt Lake and Mt. Timp.

Mostly for my own records, but just in case you're interested, here's a breakdown of my visits
1-10 Draper Temple
11 Mt. Timpanogos
12 Draper
13 Mt. Timpanogos
15. Oquirrh Mt.
16- 17 Draper 
18. Oquirrh Mt.
19. Provo
20. Draper
21. Las Vegas
22. Draper
23. Salt Lake
24- 26 Draper
27- 28 Jordan River
29- 33 Draper
34- 42 Oquirrh Mt.
43. Draper
44. Oquirrh Mt.
45- 50 Draper

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