Sunday, October 9, 2011


Fees: $ 304
Flight: $210
Hotel: $50
Working for Disney: Priceless

While I am totally excited for this experience, It has really taken a dent out of my bank account!
The fee to do the program has risen in the last few semesters (from reading other blogs).  $100 of it went to program activities (like grocery bingo) and the other $200 went toward my first few housing payments (i think).
I'm flying Southwest Airlines, and my flight is January 8th.  Leslie told me about the perks of Southwest and I was hooked. They check 2 bags for absolutely free!  Oh my goodness that will be so helpful!  I also added $10 for Early- Bird Check In, which will confirm my seat 12 hours before everyone else, meaning I'll get a great pick of the plane. Now I'm anxiously awaiting Leslie's decision on what airline she's flying.  If she goes with Delta, I'll be flying all on my own for the first time in my life, which terrifies me.  I'm not looking forward to a layover with a airplane switch on my own.
While the hotel is not booked, it looks like Leslie and I will be spending the night before check in at a Disney Value resort.  All- Star Music or Sports.  When it's split between the 2 of us, it'll come out to be roughly $50 each.  Disney provides transportation from the airport to the hotel for free, which is so great for 2 20-year-olds who can't rent a car.  Now all I have to do is contact the hotel in the near future to see if there is transportation available to get us to Vista Way Apartments the next morning for check in.

Audition on Friday! EXCITED!

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