Friday, October 14, 2011

{Disney Auditions!}

Today was the big day!
One word to describe how I feel: TIRED!
I slept at Leslie's apartment last night, and we both go to see each other's morning routines when we got ready at 7 A.M. I got ready earlier than I had expected, so we headed over early. We got to The Dance Club around 9 and check in wasn't scheduled until 9:30.  We were super surprised to see about 30 other people already there so early. Finally the Disney people had us sign in. Leslie was 33 and I was 34.  There were over 200 people auditioning in total.  
I don't think Disney was prepared for that many people. The building they had rented (The Dance Club) could have held maybe 150 at maximum.  So they split us up in 3 big groups.  Tiffany the choreographer taught us the dance that was quite easy.  We performed it for the reciters, I was picked for the next round, and Leslie wasn't. :(  
Then I spent 30 minutes talking with others in my group who made it through while they auditioned the other 2 groups.  Then we all went in to the main dance room and did the dance AGAIN.  Surprisingly, I made it though that round, and about 50 more people were sent home.  
This is when the recruiters measured me (60.5 inches) and took my picture.  Tiffany then taught us another dance that was much more difficult.  I was bare footed and it made most of the dance hard to do.  Spinning bare footed is extremely difficult for me.  I wish I had my dance shoes, but they were tossed a while ago without my knowledge.  It started out totally simple. step clap step clap grapevine clap clap.  As the dance went on, she started throwing in potaboras and 'foot flicks' as she titled them.  I kept a huge smile plastered on my face, and did an okay job of keeping up with the 'pro dancers'.
We 'animated' planting a tree and washing a dog.  Pretty straight forward there.  I really wanted to animate meeting my favorite character, but oh well.  Washing the dog was really difficult because I was crouching most of the time, and I felt very closed off to the recruiters. 
All in all, I had a really entertaining time.  My face hurts from smiling, and I really don't care if I am cast as a character or not.  Either way, I'm going to Florida with my dear friend Leslie.  I do wish Leslie would have gone farther in the audition.  I know she would be an AMAZING princess.  Oh well, I can't make the recruiters do anything.  Blast.
The auditions are over, and they are officially off my mind now.  I am proud of myself for exceeding my personal expectations, and it just felt really good to get my heart pumping though dance.  Leslie and I will hear the results by November 20 and until then, I have other things to focus on.  Like school.  Dreadful, school is.

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