Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Death In The Family

Maxwell Rodeo Izuzu 
1.1.2001- 10.17.2011

I got in a large car accident on my way to chemistry class last night.  
I really can't give an account of what happened.  I'm stopped at the light, the light turns green, I wait a few seconds, I start to drive, a large Semi- Truck fills my windshield view, I scream, throw my hands in front of my face, and wonder if that would be the last thing I ever see.

The air bags deployed and hit my face really hard.  I thought my nose was broken and I was expecting cuts all over my face.  Amazingly there's not a single scratch on my face, and though my nose is tender, it isn't broken.
I do have airbag burns all over my arms, and I have clear imprints on my abdomen of my seat belt, ID badge, and stitching of the airbag.

My car is totaled.  It's not 'insurance official' but I figure nothing can be done for Max.
I was crying at the scene because I was scared, yes, but mostly because I killed my car.
Now my parents are driving me around and I already hate it.
Not to mention, I'm scared to drive again.
There is no car that could ever replace the hole in my heart Max has left.
I'm so grateful to be alive, but I really wish Max was alive too.

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