Friday, September 30, 2011

Don't 'cha Hear 'em Chime!

I attended a wedding reception on Tuesday.  Let me rephrase.  I worked my tush off at a wedding reception on Tuesday.  I loved it.  Seeing the bride, Keely, all dolled up in a beautiful dress made me slightly jealous, but I was so excited to see her so happy.

Working behind the scenes really got me thinking about my own wedding. 
 The things I want to serve, 
the flowers I want in my bouquet, 

the style of my dress.

My mom keeps saying it's the wedding i'm hungry for, not the marriage.  While she is correct in some aspects, she's also just nervous that her oldest child is at the 'Mormon Marriage Threshold".

No, I don't want to get married RIGHT NOW.  But heck yes I'm gonna plan my wedding!  Most girls have thought of their weddings since they were young.  I only started seriously thinking of wedding details about 2 years ago, so if anything, I'm a newbie.

My only conclusion is that I should be a wedding planner.  I'm not dating, I'm not engaged, and I don't see that changing soon.  Really, wedding planner sounds like a great way to release all my amazing ideas.


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