Wednesday, July 27, 2011

7 Peaks!

Yesterday I went to 7 Peaks for the first time this summer.  They've got this new racing ride that I spent most of my day on.  So. Much. Fun!
The best part?  Brianna came up & we played together!  It was so great seeing Bri, I have really missed being roommates with her at USU.  We talked all about our school plans (hers being immensely more exciting than mine), about Bri's boyfriend, & about life in general.  Bri & I lived together for almost a full year, & we saw each other multiple times every single day.  Bri was always there to hear my crazy dreams in the morning,  & we always had our bedtime chats until one of us fell asleep (which was usually me).  It's been 7 months since we've been roommates & I have seriously missed her!

 I also tend to forget how TALL she is when we spend time apart.  Bri's about 10 inches taller than I am, making her my tallest friend, & me her shortest friend.

Love you Bri!  Thanks for playing with me!


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