Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Disney Perspective

Today at work, I was surrounded by a whole lot of negatives.  A float had been called in to cover one of our M.A's shift, come to find out she wasn't really needed. She had driven to Murray from Point of the Mountain, and was audibly upset. Then my physician comes in grunting about how the place he was hoping to start work at was considering two other physicians aside from him.  Multiple M.A's came to me today to just flat out complain.
Now I'm not innocent of being a complainer, it's just that the things I complain about don't directly involve... people.  You'll hear me complain about the frigid temperature of the office, or the fact that we aren't allowed to put blank paper back into the printer if it comes out of the fax blank.  Perhaps about the fact that I don't get paid holidays even though I'm a full time employee.  I'll complain about those every day. Today was just full of negatives about people, and it just put me in a bad funk.
Then I open up IHC's main webpage and find a link to a list of books IHC employees have been reading this summer.  I'd like to introduce the book that changed my perspective on my job.

If Disney Ran Your Hospital, 9.5 Things You Would Do Differently.
Now granted, I haven't actually read the book, but I did do some book review searches to see the gist of the book.  I'll let you interested readers search into it yourselves, because there's some pretty in depth stuff in there.
Overall, I realized that I could have the Disney Experience every day at work, it totally depends on my attitude.  I think back to my birthday trip this year to Disneyland, and I remember how helpful and HAPPY the cast members are.  They never got sarcastic, and they constantly made me laugh with their witty answers.  Once I really needed the bathroom, and so we walked up to a castie and asked her for the nearest restroom. She smiled and pointed right behind us and replied, "Right behind you, you'll want the one on the right side". We asked the dumbest question, and got a kind and non-satiric response.
So I changed my attitude.  I looked at my patients as excited guests here to see Mickey Mouse himself.  Imagining Dr. Olsen in a Mickey costume brightened my day, and strangely plastered a smile on my face.  No question any patient asked was stupid, and they all left with all the information I could possibly give them.
Changed my mood?  Disney always does.

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