Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Congrats Dr. O!

I'm not working this week, and for that I am very grateful. Why am I grateful?  'Cause I'm sick as a dog.

Back to this post.

The reason I'm not working this week is because my physician, Dr. Phillip Gane Olsen has officially retired.
No, he's not retired- retired, He's just retired from Intermountian Health Care.  He's going to work in Idaho now for the V.A. 

So his last day was Friday, and we had a nice little 'Going Away' party for him.  He got a Kindle (from our manager) and an Amazon gift card (from all the staff) so he could fill it up to his hearts content.
The perfect gift for a physician who would cram as many chapters as he could in between patients.  That man brought a different book to work every single day.

Dr. O (as I called him) was an... interesting person to work under.  There were days when he'd jump right up to see his patients; there were other (more common) days where he'd sit and read for twenty minutes before going to a patient.  (I had to hide his book one day because we were sooooo behind!)

Though he had his hang-ups, I was always comfortable with asking him questions.  He always thought about the best answer, and would even double check himself with textbooks sometimes.  He's easy going, and never once yelled or came close to getting angry with me.

Best of luck to you, Dr. Olsen!

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