Saturday, July 30, 2011

{1 Final Down}

Summer Semester is almost done & over with!

I've taken 2 summer semesters so far in my college adventure.  Though don't go getting too impressed, each summer semester has consisted of one class. Last year it was math 1020, this summer it's been Anatomy & Anatomy lab. 

Taking math last summer was pretty easy.  I just woke up a titch early twice a week & drove a few minutes to the SLCC campus near the dollar theater.  Yeah I was constantly doing homework, and it often found it's way into my dating life, but overall, it wasn't too difficult. 

This semester has been completely different.  I took a night class this time around to accommodate my work schedule.  This SLCC campus is forever away, but worked out okay on Thursdays because it was pretty close to my work.  I have spent a good majority of my summer memorizing everything in my textbook & I've barely had any time to hang out with friends.  (I'm so sorry Leslie, David & Antwan!)

The lab final was more difficult than the midterm, which makes sense.  He asked questions on the gallbladder that I didn't even realize would be tested on.  I could have had 2 more hours of study time & I still wouldn't have studied the gallbladder.  Blast. Ah well.   Luckily the final is over & I can focus on my class final coming up next Tuesday.  

If anyone here is considering taking a summer semester, and you're willing to devote most of that summer to studying, it's totally worth it.  I have thoroughly enjoyed spending my summer this way.  Granted, I am obsessed with the human body, so it makes sense that I liked spending my summer this way.  Back to my plug for summer semester.  It's relaxed on campus, and nice and accelerated in class. At least look at taking the basic classes during the summer, my dear readers.  It's worth it.

Wish me luck on my final!

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